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Naabhi Shoda and Energetic Cord Releasing Full Moon Ritual

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This ritual focuses on Navel Reverence and Abdomen Energetic Contact to tune into the energy of your Sacral Chakra; this is the area of your genitals, stomach, reproductive organs, and colon. Your creative and sexual energy is in this area as well.

An energetic cord is created with every significant relationship we have and a few insignificant relationships. This ritual is to detach the insignificant and the less significant cords to reclaim the loss of energy and gain more energetic prosperity. Review the photos because they will have complimentary directions.

Ritual Directions: Begin by laying on your back and unclothe your abdomen. 🍓Put 3 drops of Attunement Oil into your navel and gently rub in with a circular motion.

🍓Allow yourself to sink into the place where you are laying. Breathe deeply inviting Earth Energy to support you.

🍓Apply Attunement Oil all over your abdomen.

🍓Feel for areas of tension, press your fingertips into the tension with medium pressure for 30 seconds then slowly release.

🍓Visualize breathing into the areas of tension as your breath releases the tightness.

🍓Read the affirmation as many times as needed, repeating any section or speaking any words again.

🍓Once you have relaxed all of the tension, massage the abdomen in a circular motion from the navel outwards in a clockwise motion.

You can choose to apply heat at the end or to soak in the bath or shower afterward.

The intention is to release energetic cords that no longer aid in your purpose or inspire your vitality.

The Affirmation for this ritual is: May all of the negative thoughts, actions, suppressed feelings

and heaviness lift from me now. I release all ties, binds, obligations, blockages, obstacles, situations

and drama from my body now.

I am worth greatness.

I attract abundance into my life and into my energy field.

All of my connections with people are positive and fulfilling.

Attune and Release Oil Recipe

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Sage Essential Oil


Combine ingredients, stir and use.

If you have any releasing rituals or best practices; please comment below or post your own rituals.


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