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Welcome to the Nouri Energi Loyalty Program!

At Nouri Energi, we're thrilled to roll out our new loyalty program designed to reward our supportive community. As you engage with our diverse offerings, you'll collect Moons, which can be redeemed for exceptional rewards. Here’s all you need to know to get started and make the most out of every interaction with us!

How Do You Earn Moons?

Our loyalty program embodies the moon symbol from our logo, symbolizing growth and renewal, just like the experiences we aim to provide. Here’s how you can accumulate Moons:

- Sign Up Bonus: Automatically receive 40 Moons when you sign up on our website.

- Shopping Rewards: Earn 2 Moons for every dollar spent on products in our store.

- Session Bookings: Each session you book earns you 20 Moons.

- Event Tickets: Get 10 Moons for every ticket purchased for our events.

Good news—your Moons do not currently expire, so you can save them up for even bigger rewards in the future!

What Can You Redeem with Your Moons?

Your Moons can be exchanged for exclusive discounts and offers, enhancing your Nouri Energi experience:

- 150 Moons: $5 off any event.

- 125 Moons: 10% off any product.

- 100 Moons: 25% off all services.

- 500 Moons: 50% off all services.

- 1000 Moons: 100% off all services.

Simply redeem your Moons at checkout when purchasing an event ticket, buying a product, or booking a service.

Exciting Developments Ahead!

As Nouri Energi grows, we’re expanding our offerings to include online courses, certifications, and special events, and with these new additions, we will introduce even more rewarding ways to use your Moons. Stay tuned for updates as we enhance our loyalty program to bring you more value.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Nouri Energi community. Your continuous support allows us to innovate and expand our services, and this loyalty program is just one of the ways we want to give back to you.

Join us on this exciting journey by signing up as a member on our website if you haven’t already.

Here’s to rewarding your journey of growth and discovery!

Warm regards,

The Nouri Energi Team

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