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The Nouri Energi Classic Massage Modalities

The modalities below are the cornerstone for basic massage treatments. They offer circulation, relaxation, and rehabilitation depending upon the treatment selected. The Nouri Energi Experience of the classic massage modalities begins with a prayer of invocation and an energetic cleansing to put the focus of the treatment on you and your needs. The massage session then continues with the added hot stone hydrotherapy to relax the muscles on a deeper level. The massage ends with a closing prayer and a resin incense to seal in the healing. This whole service is two hours, so be sure you are planning to be with us for the full session.

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How is Energy Medicinal?

Energy bodywork is the intentional use of light massage techniques that encourage the client to be conscious of the benefits they want to receive from the session. Energy Medicine is often employed when force is not working.  Energy bodywork also brings the body back to “homeostasis” or its natural balance.  This type of massage has also aided in the rehabilitation of illnesses (by increasing the effectiveness of the immune system), injuries, and chronic conditions. An energetic assessment is performed to determine what areas of the body to emphasize the focus of the energy bodywork. The experience includes energetic cleansing as well as opening and closing prayers.

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