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Nourishing Strength Massage

  • 3 hr
  • 333 US dollars
  • North Ogden Street

Service Description

Introducing:Nourishing Strength Massage – A revitalizing full-body experience for profound healing and energy cleansing. Service Overview:The Nourishing Strength Massage at our wellness center is a unique, intuitively guided full-body massage, augmented by an encompassing egg and flame cleansing ritual. This service is specially designed to support the well-being of caregivers, talk therapists, and those working in nonprofit organizations. It aims to eliminate residual energies and clear energetic debris, replenishing and soothing their auras. The egg cleansing ritual is employed to lift negativity, while the flame cleansing works to eradicate outdated energies, deeply heal, and seal in restorative energy while fortifying against new stressors. This holistic approach ensures a return to equilibrium across all dimensions of being – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. What are the physical benefits? • Comprehensive relaxation and tension release from the body. • Enhanced physical well-being and rejuvenation. • Stimulation of the body’s natural healing processes. What are the mental and emotional benefits? • Relief from accumulated mental fatigue and emotional strain. • Restoration of emotional balance and mental clarity. • A nurturing space for emotional healing and rejuvenation. What are the spiritual and energetic benefits? • Cleansing of the aura, removing negative influences and energy blockages. • Harmonization of spiritual energies, promoting inner peace and alignment. • Strengthening of energetic boundaries to shield against future stress and tension. We recommend this service for clients: • Experiencing: The burden of accumulated stress, emotional fatigue, or a need for energetic renewal. • Needing: A comprehensive approach to rejuvenate their spirit and cleanse their energy field. • Wanting: To achieve a balanced state of wellness across all facets of their being. • Connecting: With a holistic therapy that nurtures their complete self – body, mind, and spirit. Realign with your inner strength and balance through our Nourishing Strength Massage. Book your session to experience a holistic renewal and a return to your true center of well-being.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give us notice at least 2 hours in advance. We understand that life happens and we are willing to work with our clients. A $25 fee will be charged for a no-call and no-show.

Contact Details

  • Nouri Energi, 1761 North Ogden Street, Denver, CO 80218, USA


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