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Energetic Extraction Ceremony 3hr

  • 1 h
  • 333 US dollars
  • North Ogden Street

Service Description

Introducing:Energetic Extraction Ceremony – A deeply personal three-hour ritual for comprehensive emotional and energetic cleansing. Service Overview:Immerse yourself in the Energetic Extraction Ceremony, a singular three-hour experience devoted to profound emotional release and energetic purification. Tailored for individual needs, this ceremony delicately yet effectively facilitates the release of deep-seated emotions and memories entrenched within the physical body. The process employs a blend of controlled breathing, vocal expression, and energy cleansing techniques, making it particularly impactful for areas burdened with trauma or abuse. This immersive ceremony also includes a heart straightening talk, offering a powerful space for verbal expression and emotional processing. The addition of energetic cleansing techniques ensures a thorough clearing of any lingering negative energy, providing a holistic approach to healing and rejuvenation. What are the physical benefits? • Releases physical tension and discomfort linked to emotional stress. • Enhances bodily relaxation and reinvigorates the physical self. • Promotes a harmonious physical state through energy balancing. What are the mental and emotional benefits? • Facilitates the release of trapped emotions and healing of past traumas. • Provides clarity and emotional balance through expressive conversation. • Encourages a profound sense of emotional release and mental serenity. What are the spiritual and energetic benefits? • Deeply purifies the energetic body, eliminating past negative influences. • Realigns and revitalizes the spiritual self. • Fosters a renewed sense of spiritual connection and energetic harmony. We recommend this service for clients: • Experiencing: Deep-rooted emotional and energetic blockages. • Needing: An extensive, holistic ceremony for emotional release and energetic cleansing. • Wanting: To engage in a transformative ritual that unifies physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. • Connecting: With a powerful and all-encompassing approach to personal growth and energetic renewal. Step into a space of healing and transformation with our Energetic Extraction Ceremony. This three-hour individual ritual is an invitation to profound emotional release and energetic renewal. Book your session for a deeply cleansing and rejuvenating experience.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give us notice at least 2 hours in advance. We understand that life happens and we are willing to work with our clients. A $25 fee will be charged for a no-call and no-show.

Contact Details

  • Nouri Energi, 1761 North Ogden Street, Denver, CO 80218, USA


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