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Energetic Extraction

  • 1 h
  • 111 US dollars
  • North Ogden Street

Service Description

Introducing:Energetic Extraction – A transformative journey to release emotions and memories from the physical self. Service Overview:Energetic Extraction is a therapeutic session designed to gently dislodge and release emotions and memories that have become embedded within the physical body. This process is conducted with utmost care, utilizing controlled breathing and vocal techniques to facilitate the release. The session is particularly beneficial for individuals carrying the weight of trauma or abuse, as these experiences often require more time and care to fully address. Emphasizing intention and trust in the healing process, Energetic Extraction is a nurturing path towards emotional and physical liberation. What are the physical benefits? • Facilitates the release of physical manifestations of emotional burdens. • Promotes relaxation and eases tension in the body. • Enhances bodily awareness and connection. What are the mental and emotional benefits? • Encourages the release of deeply held emotional traumas and negative memories. • Fosters emotional healing and mental clarity. • Supports a journey towards emotional resilience and balance. What are the spiritual and energetic benefits? • Aids in clearing energetic blockages linked to past experiences. • Enhances spiritual well-being by aligning physical and emotional energies. • Cultivates a sense of peace and energetic purity. We recommend this service for clients: • Experiencing: Deep-seated emotional pain or memories manifesting physically. • Needing: A gentle yet effective approach to emotional and energetic release. • Wanting: To engage in a healing process that honors their pace and emotional needs. • Connecting: With a therapy that combines physical and emotional healing for comprehensive well-being. Embark on a transformative journey with our Energetic Extraction session. Trust in the healing process and unlock a path to emotional and physical freedom. Book your session today for a nurturing and liberating experience.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give us notice at least 2 hours in advance. We understand that life happens and we are willing to work with our clients. A $25 fee will be charged for a no-call and no-show.

Contact Details

  • Nouri Energi, 1761 North Ogden Street, Denver, CO 80218, USA


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