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Footbath Ceremony for Couples

A shared ancestral journey for connection and grounding.

  • 3 hr
  • 222 US dollars
  • North Ogden Street

Service Description

Introducing:Couples Footbath Ceremony – A shared ancestral journey for connection and grounding. Service Overview:Invite harmony and balance into your relationship with Nouri Energi’s Couples Footbath Ceremony. This intimate session for two draws on age-old healing practices, creating a sacred space for you and your partner. The ceremony begins with opening and closing prayers, inviting a sense of spiritual connection. Both partners are encouraged to personally select from a variety of plant and flower allies for their individual footbaths, allowing each person to tailor their experience to their own healing needs. This is followed by a communal footbath and concludes with a shared foot and lower leg massage, enhancing your physical and emotional bond. What are the physical benefits? • Joint relaxation and care for feet and lower legs. • Boosted circulation and stress relief in the feet. • Shared physical grounding and rejuvenation. What are the mental and emotional benefits? • Strengthening of the emotional connection through a shared healing experience. • Collective stress reduction, enhancing mutual calm and relaxation. • A moment of shared tranquility and emotional support. What are the spiritual and energetic benefits? • Shared cleansing of energies, fostering a deeper emotional and spiritual bond. • Synchronous grounding, aligning both partners with the Earth Star Chakra. • A unified spiritual experience, deepening the couple’s connection to nature and each other. We recommend this service for couples: • Experiencing: A desire to deepen their emotional and spiritual connection. • Needing: A moment of shared relaxation and spiritual grounding. • Wanting: To participate together in a unique and enriching healing ritual. • Connecting: Couples seeking to harmonize their energies and reinforce their bond through a shared spiritual practice. Step into a shared space of healing and connection with our Couples Footbath Ceremony. Rekindle your bond and align your energies together at Nouri Energi.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give us notice at least 2 hours in advance. We understand that life happens and we are willing to work with our clients. A $25 fee will be charged for a no-call and no-show.

Contact Details

  • Nouri Energi, 1761 North Ogden Street, Denver, CO 80218, USA


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