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Dive Into Our Wednesday Night Psychic Readings with Keelan

Updated: Mar 2

Hey everyone,

March at Nouri Energi is looking pretty exciting, and we’ve got something special lined up for you. If you’ve ever been curious about psychic readings or just looking for a new way to spend your Wednesday evenings, you’re in for a treat!

Wednesday Nights with Keelan: Not Your Average Psychic Reading

So, every Wednesday this month, Keelan’s leading a group psychic reading session. Now, if you’re imagining something out of a movie with crystal balls and dimly lit rooms, think again. These evenings are all about getting together, exploring some interesting aspects of our lives (like patterns we’ve noticed or things we’ve always wondered about), and yes, getting personal readings in a group setting.

It’s kinda like having a deep chat with friends, but with Keelan steering the conversation into areas we might not venture into on our own. Everyone gets a moment in the spotlight, receiving messages meant just for them, but in a way that feels like we’re all in it together. It’s more about connection and discovery than anything else.

Why It’s Worth Checking Out

What makes these sessions stand out is the vibe. It’s laid-back, welcoming, and honestly, just a cool way to spend an evening. You might come in not knowing what to expect, but you’ll leave feeling like you’ve gained insights, not just into your own life, but into the human experience in general.

And don’t worry about it being too crowded; we’re keeping the groups small on purpose. It makes sure everyone gets some personal attention from Keelan and keeps the conversation intimate and meaningful.

Ready to Join? Here’s How

Interested? Spots are filling up faster than we thought (turns out, a lot of people are into this kind of thing—who knew?), so you’ll want to grab yours soon. Just head over to this link to book your spot.

March is shaping up to be a great month to try something new, meet some interesting people, and maybe even discover something about yourself. We’re really excited about these evenings and hope you are too. Can’t wait to see you there!


The Team at Nouri Energi

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