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Fourth Quarter Moon Nourishing Ritual

The fourth quarter moon is a time for rest, taking care of the home, and rejuvenating your energy. The ritual below is about self-care and nurturing yourself.

Fourth Quarter Crystal Healing Bath

This moon ritual is about transformation and healing. This ritual is about NOURISHING self.

Items needed: 1 Cup of Himalayan Salt

3 Palm-Sized Rose Quartz Pieces

Geranium Essential Oil (3-10 drops)

3 Tealight candles

Special Body Oil for anointing

Special Herbal Tea (preferably one w/Roses)


Music (ambient sounds, spa music, jazz, or slow tempo music but loving music.)

Before you place yourself in the bath, take 5-15 minutes to write in your journal.

Choose one of these self-care items that you ignore or often skip. 🔅Rest/Sleep


🔅Laughter (full body laughter)

🔅Nourishing Food



🔅Kind Words


🔅Breaks/Time to Yourself

Journaling Instructions

Put the one you chose at the top of the page as a reminder. Now write about what truth you are not allowing yourself, what love you're not giving yourself, and what strength you have inside you to break free of all obstacles.

Write yourself an affirmation to chant in your bath to accept yourself, forgive yourself, and heal yourself. The intention of this bath is to bathe yourself in unconditional love and kindness. 💧Run a bath to the temperature that is comfortable to you.

💧Set the tealight candles around the bath.

💧Add the Himalayan salt to the water

💧You can add the Geranium Essential oil to the water per your own preferences or you can add the Geranium Essential Oil to the tealight candles. Geranium is great for the skin, by the way.

💧Play the music you have chosen.

💧Sit and relax.

💧Anoint your body with the oil

💧Drink your tea If you do not have access to a tub...

💧Take your shower to cleanse and purify. 💧You can listen to your music throughout or do each step in silence.

💧Anoint your body.

💧Drink your tea while you journal

💧Laying down upon your back in your bed or a comfortable place, place one crystal on your navel, one on your heart, and one on your throat.

💧Hum your affirmation.

💧Lay and relax.

Comment below if you have any best practices, other options, and any other journaling topics.

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