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Unveiling the Essence of Spring: The Soma Elixir Gathering

As the gentle warmth of spring begins to unfold, inviting us into a season of renewal and growth, there emerges a unique opportunity to reconnect with our inner selves and the natural world around us. The Soma Elixir Gathering, hosted by the distinguished herbalist, somatic and ancestral healing practitioner, Sarah Shavel, is designed as a sanctuary for those seeking to deepen their relationship with their body, nature, and the profound pleasures life offers.

A Meeting of Minds and Spirits

Set against the backdrop of the coming spring, this gathering is more than just an event; it’s a journey into the heart of sensory exploration and self-discovery. Sarah Shavel, with her lifelong passion for creating healing elixirs, guides participants through a transformative experience designed to awaken the senses, enhance the capacity for joy, and align with the vibrant energy of renewal that spring heralds.

The Experience

Soma Elixir is an invitation to step into a space of grounding and connection. It’s an opportunity to be with oneself while in the company of others, creating a circle of unity and mutual support. Through somatic exploration practices, attendees are encouraged to tune in deeply to the wild treasure of their bodies, discovering new pathways to pleasure and well-being.

The use of healing and nourishing herbal elixirs, carefully selected plants, and handmade herbal oils amplifies this experience, creating a supportive environment that nurtures the body and soul. These elements, combined with the collective energy of the group, make for a profoundly enriching experience.

Dress for Comfort and Ease

In keeping with the event’s ethos of comfort and connection, participants are advised to wear soft, comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement and relaxation. This ensures that everyone can fully engage with the practices and experiences offered during the gathering without any physical distractions.

Join Us

This gathering is an open invitation to anyone looking to explore their senses, connect with nature, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. However, space is limited, and in order to ensure a personalized and enriching experience for all, Sarah kindly requests that attendees confirm their participation at least one week in advance. This preparation allows for the careful selection and preparation of the herbal elixirs and other materials that will be shared during the event.

Event Details:

• Date: March 31, 2024

• Time: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

• Location: Nouri Energi, 1761 North Ogden

Street, Denver, CO 80218

RSVP Information:

Please buy your tickets at this link to reserve your spot.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique gathering, where together we will uncover the essence of spring and the boundless treasures within us. Join us in this nurturing environment to explore, connect, and rejuvenate. Let’s embrace the coming of spring together, awakening to the joy and abundance it brings.

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